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Terra Systems offers customized IT solutions that intelligently adapt to your company’s changing communications and IT demands--ensuring you only pay for what you need according to your business growth.


The result: maximized productivity and minimized costs.

Unified Communications


Terra Systems is widely recognized as the Unified Communications Specialist in the Asia Pacific region. The company have reached new heights with its updated status, and uniquely, as a Certified Partner of Alcatel, Avaya and Cisco.  We combine the industry’s most complete support for IP communication, including telephony, video conferencing, SMS, and email with comprehensive support for either traditional voice communication or advanced computing.


Being at the forefront of Unified Communications Technology, Terra Systems is always refreshing the certifications level of its engineers and sales personnel to maintain the highest level of support to its corporate customers.


Unified Communications (Mid/Large Enterprise)





Unified Communications (Small Enterprise)


Avaya IP Office

Alcatel OmniPCX Office

Cisco Express


Video Conference





Contact Center




Contact Centre Solutions


Terra Systems Contact Centre Solutions combines a complete suite of call center advancements and technologies with our expertise in unified communications, collaboration, business process automation and cloud computing to deliver next generation solutions to companies designed to drive greater efficiency, higher revenue and increased customer satisfaction.


With our experienced professionals in contact centre operations, customized and scalable software solutions and strategic partnerships with the world leaders in UC technology, we are able to serve a broad range of customers in different industry sectors and can scale from the smallest to the largest contact centers which may be of these types:

Inbound call centers , Outbound call centers, Web Enabled call centers, Telemarketing call center and Phone call centers.


Our Contact Center Solutions offer:

• Complete and Scalable Contact Center Infrastructure

• Option to combine premise-based and hosted offerings

• Multi-media Management (voice, email, web-chat, and desktop collaboration)

• Integrated and rich Call Center Features like IVR, voice recording and logging, skills-based routing,  outbound dialers and call backs, real-time monitoring,  tasks queuing, customer profiling, historical reporting

• Quality Management

• Surveying and Speech Analytics

• Workforce Training

• Integration with our and easy-to-use Perform CRM Software

• 24x7 remote and/or on-site technical support


Whichever platform and size our customer choose, we help them design, set up, and integrate the most cost-effective communication structures and applications to improve their customer and user experience while also providing the best economic solution for their business.

Cloud Computing Solutions



Be competitive in today's fast-paced, online-oriented and interconnected global economy and respond to the rapidly changing market conditions. Forget about the typical complexities of physical IT environment such as purchasing and managing hardware and software, stacking, and cabling. Harness the power of cloud computing with more flexibility, security, and control. Harness the power of TERRA CLOUD.


This complete and secure web-scale infrastructure (application and physical) allows you to easily configure, deploy, and manage your virtualized IT resources and services which are available on-demand and only as needed.  Transitioning your business to TERRA CLOUD gives you the freedom to build an on-premise, cloud, or hybrid solution for the best of both worlds. Whatever platforms you choose, we help you chart a seamless path to the cloud without disrupting your organization’s current systems, processes, and/or productivity models.  Terra Cloud Computing Solutions make it possible for your employees to work in the way that suits them best so they can be more productive without being bound to the physical workplace.


Contact us today and discuss with our cloud computing specialist a variety of cloud options to fit your business purpose, pricing, and deployment.

Data and Voice Networking


Terra Systems builds and maintains data and voice networks. This solution spans not from simple and advanced IP Telephones to routers, switches , and to network security features such as firewall and VPN solutions.


Network Switching/Routing/Balancing







Network Security/Firewall/VPN








Infrastructure Solutions


Our customers range from SMB to large enterprises coming from different industry verticals which we have helped to set up a secure, customized, efficient, and reliable infrastructure which benefit only from the most advanced cutting-edge technologies available in the industry today.


We make sure our complete IT infrastructure solutions operate efficiently which help solve our customer's problems and drive their business to success by creating value, simplifying processes, increasing productivity and generating savings.


Network and Security Infrastructure




Door Access

Cabling and Rack


Terra Perform CRM Software


PERFORM SOFTWARE is Terra Systems’ hosted CRM tool designed to help businesses manage their customer information better and improve sales management and customer relationships with simple and easy-to-use customizable tools.


This web-based application readily adapts to your existing processes, workflows, data and users and can be deployed as a hosted CRM (on demand) or on-premise.  It enables each user to access the tool anytime and anywhere, thus making it convenient and readily available.


Perform Software (PS) offers a power-packed suite of tools and resources that combines the features and functionalities of Contact Management, Sales Force Automation (SFA) and more.  It provides the ability to track and organize every aspect of a relationship with a customer from the point of first identification as a lead through and beyond the point that they are an ongoing customer, thus, giving executives, managers, and sales reps all the tools to they need to simply sell more, avoiding salesperson is leaving money on the table, and spend less time on the busy administrative work. 


• Marketing Automation

• Customer Support Management

• Mobile Access

• Reporting Tools

• Collaboration Management

• Inventory Management

• Accounting Management

• Professional support and training


With Perform Software aligned with your business objectives to develop company-client relationships, you can extend your business value across the firm through data integration, increasing customer retention and loyalty while responding effectively to competition in the marketplace. Make Perform Software an essential tool for your business success and continue growing as a world-class company fostering a more professional image. To learn more about Perform Software and how it can help your business, visit

Web Solutions


Terra Systems provides a range of web solutions that you can rely on to take you from a start-up website to a successful online business or  endeavour.  We specialize in web page and web site design, e-commerce solutions for business , search engine optimization and web hosting in Singapore.


Data solutions include:


• Web design


• Web hosting


• Domain registration


• Website maintenance


• Internet marketing


• E-commerce applications


• Server Co-location

Mobility Solutions



Mobile devices are bringing enterprise data to new industries and roles, and the IT department needs to support their remote workforce with a seamless mobile experience. Terra Systems mobility and wireless solutions provides central management of your communication infrastructure for on site and backend offices which integrate value-added applications which you can customize to effectively increase productivity and empower mobile workforce. The cost-saving solution for mobile phone users is best for organizations wishing to reduce mobile communication and gain more administrative control while leveraging on their existing communication infrastructure.