Your growing business requires an efficient and robust IT network and infrastructure that will overcome the challenges of your evolving business markets.


Terra Systems offers flexible and affordable IT Managed Services which deliver key value propositions for your company:  to save money, improve storage operations and staff performance, reduce IT risks, and enable new technologies for integration in the future.

Terra SaaS (software-as-a-service)


Terra Nova (VOIP)

TerraNova is a full-fledged VOIP service that caters for enterprise solutions from 5 to 500 users. The features include soft phones (for PC/Laptop), physical IP phones, voicemail, auto attendant, call center, and many other high end features that usually only come with high end PABX and Call Center applications. The soft phone and call center applications are ready for integration to Microsoft range of products such as Outlook.

Some businesses require enterprise class telephony services such as auto attendant, voicemail, call group hunting and management features which require the investment in a enterprise voice systems. TerraNova allows you to start using these services immediately when you sign up with TerraNova services. TerraIDD is a IDD services that is bundled with TerraNova to provide crystal clear conversation at the lowest price.


Terra Fax (FOIP)

TerraFax is required to send and receive fax document via email remotely. However the cost of the setup and maintenance may be too high for small requirements. Therefore by subscribing to TerraFax, remote access of incoming and outgoing fax can be done easily with the lowest set up and running fees.


Terra Web (Data Center)

Web/Email Server Hosting

In web hosting services, all you need is to register with us and we will handle the rest of the paper works and checking in conditions.  Our creative web designers help enterprise to design customized web pages and upload them at TerraWeb servers. The servers are all running on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition, thus provide more flexibility in the scripting. Packaged together with Web Server Hosting comes with the Email Hosting which provide personalized user interfaces that suit each individual preference.


Terra SMS

Sending mass marketing alerts and advertisement via SMS (Short Message System) is now cheaper and easier using Terra SMS. This service allows SMS to be sent to specific target groups using rule-based routing that are decided by each unique customer.

IT Support Services and Maintenance




Our certified engineers provide round-the-clock technical support to our customers --- ranging from configuration of network or PABX devices to the design and implementation of complex WAN/LAN and PABX systems. We provide multiple tiers of services ranging from Next-Business-Day to 24x7 response time to guarantee swift and decisive resolutions for any issues that may arise in your organization.


Business Processing Outsourcing


Data Centre Hosting

Setting up a data center requires niche level of technical support. By hosting your servers remotely with us you can reduce the cost and complexities of setting up and maintenance. Terra Systems Data Centers are strategically located at 2 locations (North and East region) of Singapore, using Singtel global IP backbones. These locations, together with the extensive public and private peering arrangements, are designed to maximize your Internet reach, bandwidth capacity and to optimize performance. To ensure your data's security, our facilities are staffed 24 hours a day with on-site guards and equipped with both interior and exterior closed circuit television.


Call Center Services

Customer calls are always important to your business.  However to set up, maintain and improve the service levels and customer satisfaction remain a huge challenge to many enterprises.  Terra Systems offer s well-trained customer service executives who are able to handle incoming and outgoing calls efficiently and possess excellent soft skills to manage the customers’ calls effectively.


Server & Workstations

By maintaining a set of service level agreement, outsourcing of the technical support team to Terra Systems helps companies reduce the cost of hiring, training, retaining engineers of certain level of skills sets. With our 24/7 onsite support to resolve technical problems quickly, customers can focus on their business objectives and enjoy huge savings and increased efficiency while we safeguard their  network, mitigating and eliminating common issues.

Systems Integration



Terra Systems works in partnership with a number of leading technology organizations worldwide to deliver complete LAN / WAN solutions to its clients. We offer multi-technology, multi-vendor, and multi-business practice solutions that are tailored to suit your specific IT requirements. Backed with our rich industry knowledge and software skills, our engineers are experts in integrating voice, video and data network infrastructures such as IP PABX, Contact Center, Video Conference and Collaboration, Presence, IM, WAN, LAN, security and wireless technologies. Customers can expect fast deployment, reduced operational risk, lowered maintenance costs, and a more efficient business processes.


Our Support team will help you integrate your new or existing systems with the latest technologies and scalable solutions your business enhance its operations, Increase security, flexibility, and enterprise productivity.

Business IT Consulting




Our consulting approach examines your business objectives and environmental conditions, follow by business strategy roadmap and ROI analysis. Applied technologies shall be advised to match the company strategies.

S0ftware Engineering



Terra Systems is a registered partner with Microsoft and MYOB. Through the relevant certification process, Terra Systems strives to support the business processes for its clients. 

Running software development teams across 4 major cities in Singapore, Malaysia, China and India, we provide extensive software engineering expertise to design, develop and manage in-house applications and customized solutions that cannot be provided off-the-shelf.


Software solutions include but not limited to:

MYOB Premier

MYOB Payroll

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Server

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft OCS

Microsoft SQL

Hardware and Software Resale


Building on regional partnerships with the largest manufacturers in the world, we form the key distribution to resell their products with the highest cost-effectiveness and ease. Check out our on-line resale portal to learn more about our latest featured products and promotions.